21 Powerful Affirmations to Start Your Mornings

21 Powerful Affirmations to Start Your Mornings

In the age of technology the first thing most of us do when we wake up is look and/or scroll through our phones. Since this habit is so ingrained into our daily lives, why not use it to start the new habit of reciting affirmations first thing in the morning?

That's right! Let's take a few minutes out of our day to be mindful, set positive intentions and create a clearer mindset to start the day. It's with this in mind that I share with you 21 powerful affirmations to kick-start your mornings.

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Some quick suggestions on how to use these affirmations:

  • Schedule 5-15 mins after you wake up each morning for this exercise
  • Clear your mind
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Begin with affirmation one on day one and repeat it for the scheduled amount of time
  • Recite the affirmations over the next weeks with the following affirmations
  • You may also recite these in front of a mirror
  • You may also enjoy a mixture of writing and reciting the affirmations

Powerful Morning Affirmations

  1. Today's a great day to trust my intuition
  2. I am learning to trust my journey
  3. I will move through life in confidence
  4. I am the creator of my reality
  5. I welcome opportunities with open arms
  6. I am healthy and energetic
  7. My voice is important
  8. Money flows into my life with ease
  9. Life supports me
  10. I am blessed and surrounded with abundance
  11. I will face the changes that happen in my life
  12. Change is good
  13. I will live and love more mindfully
  14. I am courageous and powerful
  15. I have the power to change my life for the better
  16. I feel refreshed and ready to start the day
  17. I am valuable and will make meaningful contributions to the world today
  18. I welcome people who love and support me into my life
  19. I can make a difference in this world
  20. I deserve prosperity
  21. I am grateful to be safe and alive

After Reciting Affirmations...

How do you feel? What are the thoughts that are going through your mind? Reflect on this and take notes each day as a form of encouragement to practice this exercise for the next few weeks.

Another suggestion is to follow up your affirmations exercise with prayer, meditation and/or physical exercise. Personally, I really enjoy a good stretch in the morning!


Either way, don't forget to check back here after a few days to let me know how these powerful morning affirmations are working out for you.

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Blessings only,


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