5 Black-run Finance Accounts to Follow on Instagram

5 Black-run Finance Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you're Canadian like me, then March is also the start of tax season for you! But don't worry, I'm not here to discuss that, not that I'm even qualified. However, I'm super excited to share with you five (5) Black-run finance/money management accounts I recently came across on Instagram!

Black Billionaire

This page is filled with inspirational quotes, money tips and motivational stories about Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. It's simple, straight to the point information that could change anyone's life. Their team also offers advertising options for businesses. Talk about a win-win situation!


The Black Wealthy Girl

This account shares a personal view on financial freedom, as well as general tips towards the goal. What I really like about this page is the personal touch, plus the graphics used to illustrate the information. If you're into investing, savings and need little reminders here and there to achieve your money goals, this account is for you!


The Broke Black Girl

Dasha teaches other Black women about money 🙏🏾💲. Thanks sis! From money-saving challenges and budgeting to debt management and resource sharing, the financial activist touches on many important financial topics. I also appreciate the affirmations that she shares on the theme of money. Super motivating!


Millennial In Debt

This account is a hub for money tips, tricks and facts geared towards millennials. I really like the personal approach the account owner brings through her videos and appreciate her insights on the job market + side hustle ideas to earn more income!


Black Personal Finance

This account is the place to go to discover new finance bloggers and educators! The success stories are also super motivating and can help you on your own journey to financial freedom.


I highly recommend you follow all these accounts to remain focused and motivated with all your money goals, whatever they may be. Did I miss any other similar accounts? Let me know in the comments!

Blessings only 🙏🏾✨


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