Easy & Cute Owl DIY (with upcycled toilet paper rolls!)

Easy & Cute Owl DIY (with upcycled toilet paper rolls!)

One day, I entered my bathroom and noticed I had collected
quite a few toilet paper rolls in my cabinet. The first obvious thing to do is
recycle them. However, I decided to make a quick, easy and cute DIY with them.

Here are the materials you will need:

– Toilet paper rolls

– Acrylic paint (or washable markers if you’re
doing this with smaller kids and want something less messy)

– A permanent marker

Let’s get started!

I first cut some of my rolls to make different sized owls.

Then I pinched the tops of my paper rolls, and folded them over one another.

After that, I painted the rolls in dark blue, gold,
turquoise/mint green and dark purple. I definitely recommend using brighter and lighter colours so that your owl designs really pop out. You may need to paint two layers.

Let your rolls dry – this usually takes an hour or two. I
let mine dry overnight. In the morning, I used a permanent marker to bring
my owls to life. Be creative with your designs!

Making these was so much fun! It’s a great craft for kids,
but it can also make cute desk décor. If you end up making owls, send me
pictures in my Ask box and I will repost them. Have a hoot!

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