Hiatus, my birthday and Halifax shenanigans…

Hiatus, my birthday and Halifax shenanigans…

Hi everyone! I’m back from the hiatus no one knew I was taking from the blog/social media. I’m sorry! But at least give me a chance to explain…

Cool shot
I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed and generally not okay. I also felt that my blog wasn’t going anywhere and that I was wasting my time and energy writing, editing, experiencing, and all that jazz. So I decided to take a break from social media and blogging for a month. Now I know that I took longer than that, but there’s more to the story…

I moved to Montreal in June because I got a job with VIA Rail. I did a couple of interviews and got an offer in May. Then, I planned out my next steps, moving to a new city/province and all,  and most of the plan basically went to trash haha.

Toronto bye

When I started at VIA, I didn’t have an apartment and was living with family. Then, when I finally got one, I had trouble getting the help I personally needed, on top of going through multiple delays with my appliances and furniture. It all worked out in the end, but I will definitely make a separate post (or video) about my moving experience later.

On July 12, I turned 22 years wise.
It was a tiring day for me as issues arose that really put a damper on my mood since I was already stressed from the moving/transition. However, I focused on the friends and family who wished me positive things and even ended up getting surprised with a cake. I plan on having a little celebration with my friends in August since I miss them so much. And, also I finally feel like partying it up and celebrating myself and our collective accomplishments.

Deaths, love, births, weddings, haircuts (yes I chopped it!) and changes in friendships are all part of life. During my time here, it was hard to adapt to such a big change while keeping a healthy balance with everything else (family, friends, blog etc.). So if you add that to the natural miracles/catastrophes of life, it can be difficult to navigate. I’m tired most of the time (for now), but I started establishing a routine by accepting/rejecting things as I see fit, accepting the things I can’t change and doing more of the things I love, i.e: reading, writing and aromatherapy.

With chaos comes little tidbits of peace and pleasure.

Halifax collage 1.jpg

With some of my coworkers, I took a trip to Halifax (22 hours by train, on the Ocean) to help out with an event. The event was not only successful, but I also learned tons about the history/function of our trains and met incredible employees (who went above and beyond when it came to customer service) across the kilometers travelled. Not only that, but I indulged in delicious Vegan foods (shoutout to The Foggy Goggle) and even got to catch up with a college friend.

Left, Vegano pizza from Piatto Pizzeria +Enoteca. Right, Decadent flourless chocolate torte from The Foggy Goggle.

That’s it for my recap! Be on the lookout for the next few blog posts that will be detailed versions of ALL the meals I ate during my flash trip to Nova Scotia and other exciting snippets of my life.



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