My Headspace App Experience on Mindful Eating

My Headspace App Experience on Mindful Eating

My relationship with food has drastically improved over the years, though at the beginning it wasn’t always that way. I first had to find the right diet for me and leave behind unhealthy habits. It’s important to note that mindful eating is about approaching your relationship with food more holistically. Whether you’re an omnivore, Vegan, on a Paleo diet or other, connecting with your food and appreciating every ingredient promotes gratefulness, an active presence and gaining a better understanding of what your body needs to feel good.

Food fuels our minds and bodies into functioning for the day. So how can we ensure that our relationship with food is mindful? Sign up with my special link to get two weeks of Headspace Plus for free. Then, download the app to get started.

At first, I started working my way through the one-off sessions (singles section) available on mindful eating and referred to Headspace’s ‘7 Days of Mindful Eating’ visual plan.

These two resources were perfect for me because I’ve tried meditating before without much success. The bite-size (pun intended) sessions and visual guide really helped me get and remain on course, preparing me for the longer program available on mindful eating. See below for an overview of my favourite sessions:

Eating with your senses

This section is all about being present in the body and checking in with all your senses. This includes looking at your meal while you eat, noticing its aroma, hearing the textures collide with every bite you take and tasting the food without rushing. By doing so, you show appreciation for your meal and it can even make eating more enjoyable. After all, eating is an experience.

Eating with appreciation

Before sitting down to eat, Headspace recommends taking a moment to feel grateful about the food that we possess, the people we share it with and the good fortune in our lives. This session is all about recognizing our blessings, and further strengthening that connection towards gratitude. 

Another point I feel is important to discuss is food waste. Oftentimes, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we buy or make more food than we actually need. Let's do our best to eat all the food we have, and doing it before it spoils. Consider sharing your food with neighbours, family, friends or food shelters if you are blessed with more than you need.

Important note: Yemen is suffering from famine, violence, health issues and more. As we discuss being grateful for food, please consider learning more about this crisis and donating to the cause. Thank you.

Eating without distraction

Sitting to eat a meal without distractions is the hardest thing I’ve had to do. My biggest distractions include thoughts on what happened throughout the day, scrolling through my phone, watching TV and more. This single touches on the importance of being present. Whether you’re eating alone, with a friend or family members, remind yourself to focus on your meal and interact with those around you. This experience also encouraged me to take my time while eating and to stop eating when I felt full.

Learn more on mindful eating here. You can also follow the ‘7 Days of Mindful Eating’ plan for yourself or challenge your habits with the 30-day ‘Mindful Eating’ course here.

Headspace is an everyday mindfulness and meditation app for stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, fitness, and more. Try Headspace Plus for free by signing up here.

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