A couple of weeks ago, I dined at Arepera, a casual Venezuelan restaurant located in one of Montreal’s most vibrant neighbourhoods: Le Plateau (Mount-Royal).

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Arepera is one of the first Latin American restaurants I ever visited that offer Vegan options and a 100% Gluten Free menu. In fact the menu has a perfect balance of dishes to satisfy Vegans, Pescatarians, Vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

As the restaurant name hints, their specialty is crafting arepas, a traditional Venezuelan/Colombian hand-made sandwich created with corn-based bread and various fillings. Arepera’s menu also includes rice dishes, appetizers, such as traditional soups, salads and empanadas, along with a small selection of desserts. Additionally, a brunch menu is available on Saturdays and Sundays until 2 p.m.

I ordered the Vegan black bean and plantain arepa, with a side of cassava sticks (fries) served with avocado sauce.

The arepa was incredibly warm and delicious. The beans were subtly seasoned, but paired with the plantain, it was the perfect sweet/salty combination. The bread was soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

The arepas make for a filling, home-style, comfort meal. My cousin opted for the shredded chicken breast arepa with cheddar cheese pictured below:

Shredded chicken breast arepa with cheddar cheese from Arepera.

The cassava sticks were mouthwatering. Each order comes with six, crunchy and slightly salty fries, and is served with a creamy blended avocado sauce, using onions, lemons and coriander.

Cassava stick with avocado sauce from Arepera.

All in all, my dining experience was amazing. The appetizer and entrée were both flavourful and made with fresh ingredients. My meal, before taxes and tips, was $15 which is a great value for what was served.

I can’t wait to visit again and try the grilled veggie arepa, as well as the only available Vegan dessert: coconut rice pudding.

Speaking of dessert, my cousin had a lovely-looking chocolate cake, which was served in a small bowl. The cake was topped with a rich chocolate ganache.

Chocolate cake from Arepera.


Last weekend I went skating with my friend in Old Montreal. I hadn’t skated in about three years, but I still faced that rink…with slight fear might I add.

Natrel rink in Old Port has a large chilled outdoor rink with the best view of Montreal, as well as a natural rink leading onto the St. Lawrence river.

Once you’re in the Old Port, it’s also a great opportunity to ride the wheel and explore the streets, restaurants and shops in nearby Old Montreal.

My friend and I also wandered down the Chinatown strip and hiked up Mount Royal. Here are some pictures of the outing:

View of Mount Royal in Montreal.

Have you ever visited Old Montreal? What about the famous Mount Royal hill? Let me know in the comments!



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