REVIEW: Invitation V

REVIEW: Invitation V

December was a busy month for me. Luckily, I’m back with a Vegan food review for my lovely readers. If you haven’t seen my last review, you can read it here. Also, follow me on Instagram to be the first one to see my food pics!

Last week, I had dinner at Invitation V, a stylish bistro tucked into a corner of Old Montreal. Invitation V was created to promote a healthy, cruelty-free Vegan lifestyle through a menu inspired by various world cuisines. Their organic ingredients come from local producers within Montreal’s community.

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On first impression, I was very attracted to the industrial loft space setup. The space has an inviting atmosphere and minimalistic decor, with pops of greenery and bright colours. Additionally, there’s ample space for seating both large and small groups. They even have an additional dining area upstairs.

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I usually don’t order drinks when dining out, but this time I had a house-made lemonade, which was perfectly tart and not too sweet.

For the main dish, I opted for the mexican burger, with fried tofu as the main source of protein. The burger was topped with avocado, smoked inari, lettuce, tomates and chorizo sauce.

As I also dine gluten free, the bun was swapped out for a type of corn-based patty. The burger was accompanied by a side of thick-cut frites, just the way I like em’, along with a market salad.

Mexican burger on a corn bun at Invitation V.

The burger was delicious. The fried tofu had the right amount of flavour and crispiness, effectively marrying the fresh ingredients together. As for the gluten free bun, I thought it was lacking a little in flavour, on top of being too thick for my liking.

Ultimately, the chorizo sauce and smoked inari really made this dish stand out for me, taking this burger to the next level.

My friend opted for the mushroom burger on a regular bun. The burger comes with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pesto and onion sauce, as well as a side of fries and market salad.

Mushroom burger on a regular bun at Invitation V.

Invitation V encourages all diners to sample their menu–not just Vegans. A common misconception is that adopting a Vegan lifestyle is more expensive than one that is not.

While in some cases this may be true, I really appreciated that my meal at this restaurant reflected average dining prices, considering the variety of its menu.

Additionally, my server was courteous and knowledgeable when it came to accommodating my allergies. I definitely plan on visiting again soon to try the rest of the menu!



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