REVIEW: What you Need to Know About Revive Superfoods' Meal Subscription Service

REVIEW: What you Need to Know About Revive Superfoods' Meal Subscription Service

Amid COVID-19, I've been buying most of my groceries online. To shake things up, I decided to test and review Revive Superfoods, a Canadian-based meal subscription service. 

Revive provides healthy smoothies, overnight oats, acai bowls and supermeals, which are designed to fit in a cup. Read my review of Revive Superfoods below and craft your first box here using my code BAH1004760 for 55% off + free shipping!

Ordering my First Revive Superfoods Box

Revive's site is super easy to navigate and features their entire menu which is categorized by meal type. You can filter the menu by ingredients and benefits as well. Once you sign up, you can set your subscription on either a weekly or monthly basis and select 9, 12 or 24 cups per order.

For my first box, I selected the monthly 12-cup plan. Since I wanted to try a little bit of everything, I made sure to select different meal types. Below is a breakdown of the cups I ordered and the rating I allocated based on taste:

Strawberry Zen x 1 (smoothie) 3.5/5

Açai Twist x 1 (smoothie) 3/5

Morning Mocha x 2 (smoothie) 5/5

Hazy Coco x 2 (smoothie) 4/5

Banana Nut x 2 (oats) 2.5/5

Bean to Baja x 2 (supermeal) 4/5

Power Pom x 2 (supermeal) 4.5/5

Revive Superfoods cups assortment

The smoothies are really tasty and easy to blend. While Revive recommends using almond milk for these, you can use your preferred liquid of choice. I used oat milk which made the smoothies creamier.

As for the overnight oats, this experience made me discover my distaste for them. I found this product mushy and unpleasant to eat cold. Since I ordered two of the banana nut overnight oats, I decided to blend one of the cups into a smoothie. This tasted much better for me, though it had a runnier texture.

The bean to baja supermeal was so delicious! Even more pleasant is the power pom supermeal, which includes brown rice, various vegetables and pomegranate. For the supermeals, I recommend to use two cups and pair with more protein (baked tofu, vegan sausage, beans etc.) for a more filling meal.

The Pros

  1. Revive cups are nutritious and contain simple, whole ingredients. The nutrition labels are clean and informative. You can tell the company prides itself on offering the freshest ingredients 
  2. The meals are quick and easy to prepare
  3. Revive cups are plant-based
  4. Convenience: if you're like me and get lazy and don't want to spend too much time cooking
  5. Compact: the cups don't take much storage space in freezer
  6. Recyclable packaging and cups 

The Cons

  1. Price: if you break down the price per cup in my case, it cost up to $6 per cup. As someone who enjoys cooking and already invests in groceries, it can definitely affect that budget. This is why I'm happy to have the ability to pause my subscription at any time or even cancel upcoming deliveries
  2. Subscription: on that note, I personally am not a fan of subscription-based models. I feel like allowing people to order on a irregular basis could prove beneficial. Regardless, the loyalty program they have in place makes up for the price and subscription model

Overall, I enjoyed pretty much every item I ordered from Revive Superfoods and look forward to tasting new recipes.

If you like smoothies or easy to make meals, I recommend you try out Revive for yourself. What's more exciting, if you use my code BAH1004760 on your first order, you'll receive a 55% off discount on your cups + free shipping! Order here. Your first box will come with a reusable metal straw.

Already using Revive? Let me know what your favourite cups are below.

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